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Rab Prinjha


Rab Prinjha leads the GSK Immunology Research Unit. He cofounded the GSK Biology Council and is an elected fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and cochair of the GSK Fellows Council. He represented GSK on the EU-EFPIA Board, chaired the Immunology SGG and earlier led the GSK collaboration with the Harvard Medical School Immune Diseases Institute and now cochairs the AMP-AIM autoimmune diseases partnership. He serves on GSK Research Review Board and the OpenTargets, Varsity, Altius, and Broad Governance Boards and served as a member of the Padlock Board of Directors until its acquisition by BMS in 2016. He is a co-founder and Innovation Board member of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium. Previously, under his leadership the GSK Epigenetics DPU was responsible for many novel and industry leading discoveries in the area of exploring and exploiting epigenetic inhibitors in human disease treatment. Starting as a bench-scientist in Neurology in Harlow he has an extensive record of successful leadership in terms of portfolio (multiple projects progressed from target discovery to Ph2 and beyond), people (he is passionate about forming and developing diverse leadership teams), innovation (named inventor on 14 patents) and collaborative scientific publications (over 150). Rab has published extensively with high impact papers in Cell, Science and Nature in the areas of immunology, oncology, epigenetics and neuroscience. Rab joined GSK from academia including a post-doc in developmental neuroscience at Guy’s Hospital and PhD in molecular cellular immunology at UCL after a degree in Biotechnology at King’s College London.