Pioneers in immunometabolism

Sitryx Pioneers in immunometabolism

We’re altering immune cell metabolism to resolve disease

The field of immunometabolism is a rapidly emerging and exciting area of investigation into the role of intracellular metabolic pathways in immune cells.

Changes to these pathways are pivotal in the development of severe diseases, including autoimmune conditions and cancer.

Immunometabolic therapies offer complementary and highly differentiated approaches to treating disease by correcting immune cell function and/or inhibiting tumour cell growth.

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Shifting the balance to treat disease

An imbalance of the immune system exists in autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Metabolic pathways drive the functional identity of cells of the immune system.

The balance of the system can be impacted by modulating the metabolism of immune cells and vice versa.

Decreased Immune Response
Excessive Immune Response
  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Autoimmune Diseases