Discover our pipeline and understand how our targeted approaches are being developed.

Sitryx Pipeline

The Sitryx Product Engine

Driving discovery through the unique exploitation of cross-discipline expertise in drug development

Sitryx Product Engine

Sitryx’s novel programmes

Sitryx is building a broad and differentiated pipeline by identifying novel targeted approaches based on how changes in metabolism modulate immune cell function.

ProgramHit-to-LeadLead OptimisationPre-clinicalPartner
SIT-052SENIdiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
SIT-033KINInflammatory bowel disease
Discovery PipelineMultiple
SIT-011PTMMultiple Sclerosis
SIT-022MLEInflammatory bowel disease
SIT-047OCMSystemic lupus erythematosus

PM: Post-translational modification modulator; MLE: Moonlighting enzyme; OCM: One carbon metabolism; SEN: Senolysis; KIN: Kinase; CS: Candidate selection

Patient perspectives

Intervening in cell metabolism, to reverse and resolve inflammation and tissue damage, leading to better outcomes.

Offering the potential for a broader population of patients to achieve remission in a range of severe diseases in immunology and oncology.